Who to hire to create your mobile app

Hourly rates for software engineers can vary a lot. From £300/day for an independent developer, up to £1000/day for an experienced app studio with a huge portfolio. Nonetheless, cost is not generally a good pointer of value. Hiring an inexperienced yet less expensive developer may end up being more costly as the work could take longer and possibly bring down quality, harming your ability to make a profit. Contracting a more costly development company with an entire team may appear a safe decision, however, there are a lot of organisations who will over-charge you an excessive amount.

Offshore teams

If you are on a tight budget hire a team in eastern Europe or India. Wages are low and development agencies make it simple to find the right team. The cost will be modest, however the eye for design will be altogether different than something leaving London or San Francisco.


On a budget but don't want to go overseas and want to employ a developer who can speak the same language?Hire a freelancer. We only recommend this if you are up for the challenge of managing the developer and keeping on top of them.

Technical Co-founder

Find a friend who can code or network in your city to find developers interested in your pitch. Offer them a stake such as 10% in return for their engineering skills. This is by the far the cheapest option in the short term.

Mobile App Development Agency/Studio

When you hire the right mobile app development company, you will not only get a bunch of developers working on your idea, but also a project manager to manage them and years of industry experience in developing a wide rage of different software products.