8 questions to ask yourself to see if your company needs a mobile app

  A mobile app puts your company in your customers or employees hands.

A mobile app puts your company in your customers or employees hands.

A website gives you a home on the internet, which can be accessed anytime via a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

A mobile app puts your home in your customers or employees hands, ready for repeat usage. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if your company needs an app:

1. Are your employees entering data on paper or a website? 

If your employees are doing repetitive tasks such as data entry on paper or a website, then that is a key indicator that you need a mobile app developed now. You should have already moved pass paper as a medium for data entry, but if you haven't already, then skip the web form for an app.

Websites can be slow and irritate your users depending on their network connection. Forms on a mobile app are always available and can be used without the need for an internet connection.

By implementing data entry into a mobile app, you will increase the effectiveness of your employees and in turn your business.

2. Are only a small proportion of your customers coming back to use your services or product?

If your business has a lot of competition, then you need to put strategies in place to increase their retention rate.

The most common way to get customers coming back is a loyalty scheme. Forget about punch cards and loyalty cards, your customers will lose these eventually. Put your loyalty scheme in a mobile app, so that it is always available to them and gives you the ability to send push notifications informing them of new offers.

3. Do you sell a service which involves a lot of communication between your customers and business?

When exchanging a lot of messages with your customers through text messaging, phone calls or WhatsApp, you must realize that these messaging mediums will be full of other chats.

Roll out a dedicated messaging app, so your customers can quickly access and not miss out on business critical communication.

4. How often do you need to update your customers on the latest products?

When customers have your mobile app, you have the ability to send them push notifications, informing them of new products. You can send targeted notifications to your users based on location, gender, age, customer type, products bought and anything else that you differentiate your customers as.

5. Still printing and distributing magazines?

If you have a seasonal catalogue or one that changes often, then put it on a mobile app, so that your customers always have the latest information on your business and offerings.

6. What are your competitors doing?

This is a very simple one, look at your competitors and see if they have increased business as a result of using a mobile app.

If they have then you know what to do, get a mobile app developed.

7. What is trending in your industry?

If you want to grow your company and be an industry leader, then you are already reading about the latest news and trends that are happening in the industry.

A lot of innovation that is happening right now in every industry, is to do with digital technology and automation.

Innovate and automate with mobile applications.

8. Do you have a lot of information that your customers could benefit from being available offline?

Paper can get lost, burnt, wet, scribbled upon, be used in a paper throw game or even made into a paper airplane. Stop using paper.

Websites take time to load, are not easy to find again and worst of all, cannot be accessed when your user does not have a network connection.

Enter... Mobile apps... They cannot be burnt or lost although they can be deleted or not even downloaded. However, once downloaded, they are on the user's device for the long run and can be accessed in an underground mine with no internet connect or in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bet on mobile apps today.

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