Meditation Apps are selling like hotcakes right now and will continue to do so in 2020.

The Top 10 meditation apps pulled in $195M in 2019 and in 2020 this is going to be more than double.

Downloads of Top English-Language Mental Wellness Apps Surged by 2 Million in April Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Calm and Headspace led increase in downloads in April compared to January, Sensor Tower data shows.

Become a member to join our course and launch a Meditation App in One Month.

That's right, exactly one month after you start the course you will have your very own meditation app in the App Stores AND with in-app purchases for user's to unlock additional features, it will be ready to make you some side cash!

This is what YOU will do in one month:

  • Define a niche audience to target your app to
  • Learn to code & create the slickest & simplest meditation app
  • Add in-app purchases to unlock certain features of your app
  • Submit your apps to the Apple & Google Play stores
  • Learn how to make some cool graphics
  • Create a simple website for marketing your app
  • Sell your app using our marketing strategy and templates

If that sounds exciting then it is!

How much will it cost?

If you paid a developer to create you a meditation app they would charge you anywhere between $3000-$15,000, depending on if you hire a freelancer or a development agency.

So let's say you wanted to make 10 different apps in one year? That would cost you a minimum of $30,000 up to $150,000.

You could very well make that money back through via in-app purchases.

So... Every month we will create and launch a new app with you or you can even just download the code and submit to the app stores.

Think of it like Netflix but for money-making apps. You browse a growing selection and choose which app you want to launch and start selling!

We won't charge you $3,000 per app. We won't even charge you $3,000 for a year's worth of apps.

For the first 100 members it is going to cost you only...


for a 1 year subscription that includes:

  • Full access to all our material
  • Downloadable code at the end of each lesson
  • Templates for launching your app
  • Website template for your app's landing pages
  • Proven marketing strategy and templates
  • Access to a support group, where you and other members can help each other out.
  • And many many more exclusives that will be revealed throughout the journey.

We'll even offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you follow the course and are unable to launch the app because of technical difficulties.

We are 100% confident that we can help you learn to code and get your app launched.

Student-Only Offer

If you are a student then we understand that you may be unable to pay the full annual subscription up-front and so for a LIMITED-TIME only you can become a member for...


a month.

Now that... is amazing.

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