Keep Customers Coming Back with a Mobile Loyalty App

Today's business world is under constant evolution and customers are no longer being loyal to just a particular concept.  They want more and are persistently in search of other brands and general business concepts that are capable of giving more. For this very reason, most business owners are repeatedly thinking about how to retain their customers and keep them loyal to their brand. This is not an easy task because it means that such a business must continually be innovative and also be super proactive in situations that could help retain customers.

According to the United States chamber of commerce, getting a new client or customer takes six times of what it would have taken to retain an existing one. The good news, however, is that apart from establishing a good customer service platform or an interpersonal relationship with your clients, there are other technologically inclined platforms that you can employ that would yield massive customer retention for your business. Mobile app developers are working every day to make virtually everything much easier.

With a mobile loyalty app, not only will your business idea and concept be fashioned in one single package, there are other advantages and ways in which these loyalty apps can improve your business customer retention rate and these ways are:

1. Track and be rewarded

Most of the internet consumption these days occur in mobile apps, more so than websites. By having a mobile loyalty app, you can track the purchase details of your customers and automatically alert them about rewards that have just opened up for them. This keeps their focus on your brand instead of venturing into what others have to offer.

2. Your offerings always available

Since most loyalty apps can be used to disperse essential information, decisions can be made by customers who rely solely on the information as provided by your business instead of reaching out to other business providers or search engines. Mobile apps help make customers aware of what you provide and in turn help them have a clear picture of what they want from you. The ability to provide this, is to retain such customers.

3.  Buy into business concept

In reality, rewarding people for being loyal is a great effort towards buying them personally for yourself. Hence, rewarding loyal customers with gifts naturally buys them to your business concept and camps them.

4. Business advocates

Mobile loyalty apps help in producing business advocates out of your already loyal customers. A rewarded customer will definitely tell a friend about how nicely he/she was treated and that means more prospective increase in sales on your part.

5. Help refine your pricing

Loyalty apps help in restructuring your pricing policy because you would be able to know which product at a particular price is selling faster and which product has a lot of customers being rewarded. Reducing the price a little further could help in gaining even more customers.

If you want to know more about how a loyalty app can help your business, then please email me and I will help you understand the pros and cons.