How to hire the right mobile app developer


Utilise Your Personal Network If you've never worked with somebody, it can be difficult to inspect how solid, skillful, what's more, expert they are. While you may not know the developer yourself, you can simply request referrals and discover quality individuals from your network.

Counsel Programmer Friends If you have friends who are software engineers (or you've discovered somebody in your network who can offer assistance) ask them to help you vet the right developers.

Take a look at Their Portfolio Any conventional software engineer ought to have no less than a fundamental portfolio of past work.

Do They Like Programming? Somebody who cherishes programming will have some of their own pastime activities to appear. They may partake in the open source community and have their own blogs.

Discover Someone You Can Get Along With An average developer is better than an excellent developer who you can't stand to work with.


Development Agencies/Studios

Evaluate Their Portfolio How many apps have they built that are delivering in the app stores? What number of their apps have come to the #1 spot, got industry grant acknowledgement, or came to more than 1M downloads? Do they have involvement with complex apps or have they generally worked with basic undertakings.

Check Client References Search for companies who will promptly broaden customer contact data with the goal that you can get genuine input on their organisation.

Be Clear About the Scope of Your Project Any good development company will give you a project manager to interact with. They will set out the requirements and scope after speaking with you. Make sure everything you want is in the scope before development begins.

UX/UI Design A decent company should have incredible UX design aptitudes. At the point when taking a look at their portfolio, watch out for beautiful looking apps with incredible UIs. 50% or more of your app is about the design.

Testing and Quality Assurance Do they do test-driven development? Who does QA (quality assurance)? Have they included QA in the gauge? Do their app developers test on genuine mobiles? Which mobiles? How many? Which OS and what versions?

The Final Deliverable What is the deliverable? Is source code included? Who possesses it?

Get a Fixed Price Some companies will oppose you on this, saying the product scope may change. Be that as it may, it's the main approach to ensure you don't wind up utilising your entire spending plan.