How Much Does A Mobile App Cost? Part 2 of 4

Generally, mobile applications can be grouped into four categories. Pricing depends on the amount of work involved in designing and making them but here are some rough figures to give you an idea. 


A simple app which serves one essential task and doesn't store any information about your user or their past actions to a remote server. For example, an offline to-do list app. 



When an app needs data stored on the user's device and/or from a remote server then the infrastructure gets more complex and pricing builds up. 



An app which has many key features and has been tailored to a client's specific plan with a bespoke UI. Security of the app will be tight and meet the standards of the enterprise world.



The range in complexity of games is big, beginning with something as basic as Tetris to a 3D physics engine. As well as this, games often require a robust reward system such as a collecting gold coins. 



These are prices you would ordinarily get from contracted experts or mobile app development companies. Get a Free quote from to know your exact figure.

In the next section we will go through the common features that form the basis of a mobile app and see how much they will cost.